Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caitlin's Extras!

I used the damask monogram I created on Caitlin's thank you cards (I love the monogram). I brought in more of the fireball fuchsia in the thank you envelopes. I thought I was going to have to get white envelopes then I stumbled upon the fireball envelopes and they were the perfect size!
Caitlin's program is my first! It was originally going to be a single page bi or tri fold but it slowly turned into a double pager! I love the white 60lb cover weight stock I used on the outside with the damask print and the fireball fuchsia paper on the inside! Finally, I put together the table numbers using the same design as the programs with damask on top and bottom. The table numbers are 2 sided.
I love this damask!

Caitlin's Shocking Pink and Damask Invite!

Caitlin's invitations are very fun! We had a hard time at first finding the right shade of pink, and after some emails back and forth, Caitlin emailed me a link to this fireball fuchsia card stock. I ordered it immediately and after that, we were golden! Caitlin is having a the traditional "formal" wedding, but wanted to portray a fun atmosphere, and what better way than through hot pink and black damask designs! Because we used white cardstock and envelopes, as an added touch, I added the belly sash for a splash of added color!

These invitations are very fun and I bet her guests won't forget them!

Caitlin, you're a trouper!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Meghan's Shower Cake!!!

It makes me so happy to see things like this! Meghan's future mother-in-law took her shower invitation to the baker and had the invitation design put onto the cake! I think the baker did an amazing job capturing the flower graphic I used for Meghan's Garden Party Shower . I feel very honored that my designs are being used like this!!! Just awesome!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amy's Wedding Invitations!

When Amy and I first started discussing her invitations, she told me that her and Bryan discussed it and didn't want red invitations because they may appear to be too Christmasy (their wedding colors are red and ivory). We talked about it and decided to go with a tanish color and ivory invitation and tie in the red through the graphic. The burnt sugar paper goes perfectly with the ivory cardstock and the graphic used just ties everything together perfectly. Amy, like Liza, chose to go with a belly wrap rather than an inside envelope which I was so excited about. Belly wraps are the new "in" thing and are so pretty and functional. I apologize that I didn't take a picture of the belly wrap. I will also be doing a few extra's for Amy, so watch for them in the next month!!!